Amerlock 2

June 1, 2015

Two-component, high solids epoxy coating. Low-temperature curing down to 0°C . VOC Compliant Fast Dry, High Solids Epoxy Coating.

Fast dry, dry to touch in hours at 70°F (21°C). Fast drying surface tolerant VOC compliant epoxy. December 1 20(Revision of January 2013).

Curing mechanism, Solvent release and chemical reaction between components.

Amerlock is a fast-drying, surface-tolerant, VOC-compliant two part epoxy. December 1 20(Revision of December 2015). SigmaCover is a high solids epoxy coating used for maintenance of steel and concrete surfaces. SigmaCover may be applied directly to bare steel and can . Amerlock is used in those areas where blasting is impractical or impossible. As a maintenance coating, Amerlock protects steel structures in industrial . This surface tolerant epoxy can serve as a primer, imtermediate coat or a self . The product may be applied over an SSPC SP-WJ-2(L) where a previous blast.

Product and company identification.

Amercoat (Ameron) protective and marine coatings provided by Protection Engineering. Featuring Amerlock Amerlock 40 PSX 7and Amershield. Colors: Green, red Number of Coats: Maximum Field Use Dry Film Thickness (in mils): Max Thinner:.

For more information please select product. Two-component, high solids epoxy coating .

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