Aqualisa shower problems

November 7, 2014

Our friendly customer care team are available from Monday to Friday to give you trusted advice about your Aqualisa shower, spare parts and more! Remove the shower head from the end of the flexible hose or fixed arm,. How do I disconnect my shower head from the fixed arm or flexible hose?

The digital unit pump is in the loft (almost above the actual shower head control unit). Sort out the problems with your electrics as advised. Aqualisa Quartz digital shower problempostsNov 2015Aqualisa Colt shower mixer problempostsJun 2015Aqualisa Thermostatic Shower – Water Temp IssuepostsMar 2013Aqualisa quartz showerpostsNov 2008More from community.

RfWY_Bg6YNov 20- Uploaded by paulnicholasbrankinAqualisa Axis Shower Problem.

Hi Problem with aqualisa quartz shower. The shower starts okay but after about secs loses power – no water flow, although you can hear the pump stillĀ . Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower problem – dripping head In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. Aqualisa Digital Quartz Pumped Shower Problem. Nov 2010Aqualisa Electric Shower Pressure Relief Device. Nov 2010Anyone got an Aqualisa Digital shower?

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Processor (NOW BLACK) Shower Spares. My Aqualisa Axis has been great up until lately. We had a leaky copper hot water cylinder so replaced it.

Ever since then we have a problem with the shower notĀ .

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