Aquamax pilot light problems

November 30, 2016

Having a problem with your hot water? Trouble Shooting guide for common water heater problems. Unable to relight Pilot Flame (Gas) .

My water heater pilot light went out one day, and I had to figure out how to fix it. If the water heater pilot light is out, chances are it’s for one of these six reasons. Here are six potential reasons why the pilot light may go out and how to fix it.

Sep 20- Yes call, the thermocouple is shot.

You know it is on pilot, you can press it down that lets the gas throug. If you have any problems call Service. There are four most likely problems here, all of which we can investigate.

The pilot light flame is weak due to dust or dirt clogging its combustiion air passage . Ask a question about Aquamax 2in Gas Water Heaters. The usual problem is getting the pilot light going but as you have that sorted the only suggestion is . I have an aquamax 2its about years old. The pilot light goes out every couple of days, does it need to be replaced or a good clean I noticed a lot of cob . Jun 20- Look inside the water heater when it is heating the water, the flame should be blue.

If it has yellow tips on the flame, it needs an adjustment to the air .

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