Aussie pumps pressure washer

November 9, 2016

With an effective working pressure of 0psi when used with the turbo lance, this high pressure cleaner sets a new standard for domestic style blasters in . Aussie Pumps Manufacturer Pumps High Pressure Cleaning. Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps, specialises in high performance, self priming.

Aussie pumps, supplier and manufacturer of pumps and high pressure cleaners. May 20- A huge range of top quality Aussie Pump products have been heavily discounted to country buyers. Aussie Pump say this as part of a program . Jan 20- Smart cleaning operators that use pressure washers are looking for a simple, no fuss unit that will cut cleaning times.

Aussie pumps, supplier and manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment. Steam Cleaners Steam and pressure melt . Jul 20- Aussie Scud Pressure Cleaner, Australian Pump is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure water cleaning equipment. Ideal machine for commercial applications that require up to four hours of continuous pressure cleaning. This electric steam pressure cleaner is available with . Aussie Pumps’ Dean Fountain with the 0psi. Aussie Scud pressure washer, ideal for cleaning large plant.

Aussie Pumps Pressure Washers: Read consumer reviews for Aussie Pumps Pressure Washers on ProductReview.

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