Autoflare fittings

March 13, 2018

Place the AutoFlare fitting into the back nut and engage threads. Note that the AutoFlare fitting is designed to form a metal-on-metal. Available in a variety of options including BSP taper threads and copper compression, AutoFlare fittings link all the benefits of TracPipe to other pipe fittings .

Our range of TracPipe fittings use AutoFlare technology for conformal sealed joints. Order online now for low prices and next day delivery. All of the TracPipe autoflare fittings are easy to use as they are self-flaring, self-piloting joint seals that tighten with a normal spanner.

How to connect TracPipe to Autoflare Fittings – an Installation Guide from colglo.

AutoFlare brass mechanical attachment fittings terminating in either a male BSP taper threa a female BSP threa or a copper compression for easy . Save big on AutoFlare fittings including AutoFlare Straight fittings in the plumbing fittings department at Faucet Depot. At the heart of TracPipe’s design is its unique patented AutoFlare fitting. AutoFlare’s male BSP taper threads links all the benefits of TracPipe.

Constructed From Tracpipe Autoflare Fittings; Self-Flaring; Assembles Without Special Tools; Use with Tracpipe Ps-Ii Tubing. Title: TracPipe AutoFlare fitting assembly guide. This Information Sheet provides step by step instruction on how to . TracPipe AutoFlare self-sealing brass fittings provide easy attachment to traditional steel or copper pipe systems and connections to gas appliances. Shop HP Products for Rough Plumbing, Flexible Gas Pipe Fittings, Flexible Gas Pipe Autoflare Brass Fittings. FGP-SUB-0AutoFlare Female Straight Fitting Assy.

FGP-SUB-0AutoFlare Coupling Assy. The patented AutoFlare end fittings are quick and simple to attach without any special tools, and without any hot work. TracPipe and AutoFlare fittings are .

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