Back to wall toilet installation

December 26, 2017

How to install a back to wall toilet and concealed cistern. I’m after some clarification on the replacing of a WC with a back to wall close coupled unit. The new WC is flush all the way to the floor so you cannot access the soil pipe.

The choice between a close couple back to wall, and wall-hung toilet can be. Hi All, I’m looking at getting a back to wall toilet where the pan is flush to the wall with no pipework visible and the cistern above. Remember that concealed cisterns are only viable for a back-to-wall pan which. The Universal wall hung toilet frame with push button cistern is easy to install .

There are two ways you can install your back to wall toilet; either with a unit, or directly against the wall. Whichever one works best for you can . Back to wall toilets (the ones where the cistern is hidden away by being ‘boxed in’) are all the rage and quite right too. There deliver to a bathroom an uncluttered . Ensure the cistern is level by placing a spirit level along the back against the wall. Installation guide – Install a wall-hung toilet system. Follow this installation guide steps by steps or play the video to watch the installation.

Apply a silicon seal around the back of the bowl.

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