Berlingo steering rack problems

October 27, 2016

I recently had a problem with the steering on my van. I appreciate that some problems will not be resolved. Oct 20- Hi, I have the same problem on my blingo.

I’ve had the strut top mounting and steering rack changed but problem still remains. The knock from the new steering rack (or area) with is now .

I think that this is the possible problem area. I am now thinking that it may be a steering rack issue. D problempostsDec 2010citroen c2. Jun 2010More from frenchcarforum.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace – 1. If the rack or pump was going I would expect that the steering might be . Berlingo Power Steering – posted in Berlingo – Technical: I bought a. Blingo Power Steering ‘pulsing’ – posted in Berlingo – Technical: Hi All I have a. Is this a characteristic or a fault.

I checked the power steering fluid level which is okay, steer rack and. It’s likely to be the UJs on the steering column which have seized. I drove the car back to Twickenham from Swindon to show the seller the fault. OK, do I go for a pump replacement or steering rack? Hi new to the forum 😀 I have a Berlingo 2. I have recently changed the power steering pump due to it leaking.

I was also thinking it was air in the pump rack as Peter suggested.

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