Bubble magus mini 70 reactor instructions

April 29, 2014

Bubble Magus Mini 1Fluidised Media Reactor – Duration: 0:33. Bubble Magus Mini Media Reactor Complete with an Atman PH4pump, 7watts to run the Mini Reactor 70. Ideal for tumbling media through such as .

Just got my hands on a mini reactor from my LFS. I cannot believe the quality on this. I have the NAC skimmer and its solid build continues . Hi guys I am looking at getting a phosphate reactor. I liked the bubble magus mini but it doesn’t work well with the Rowaphos which I . This is an Original UK Version With Bubble Magus Manuals and Guarantee The Bubble Magus Mini is a small self contained fluidised reactor designed for . Bubble Magus Mini Reactor: Capacity 100-1300ML. The brand “BUBBLE-MAGUS” under company named Jiyang Aquarium Equipment Co.

The design manufacture of the . Here are the links to the skimmers and dosing pump manual.

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