Bubble magus mini 70 rowaphos

November 30, 2015

Bubble Magus Mini 1Fluidised Media Reactor – Duration: 0:33. Using a piece of Polypad to stem the flow thus giving the media a chance to do it’s job. Is there a way of adjusting the flow except by moving the top so that the vents are not as open thus restricting the .

I’ve currently got a Bubble Magus Mini 100. To be honest for Rowaphos, I’d prefer a different reactor, like a Phosban. The rowaphos has been in for over a week and absolutely fine.

I put into my Bubble Magus BMreactor that night.

I was obviously running the Rowa in a BM mini Reactor. Phosphate media and reactor – Equipment Advice and Questions. I liked the bubble magus mini but it doesn’t work well with the Rowaphos which I . Bubble Magus Mini Media Reactor Complete with an Atman PH4pump,. Ideal for tumbling media through such as Rowaphos or Rowacarbon or any . Jan 20- Ok guys picking up a new bubble Magnus mini to run as a phos.

I’ve just started using rowaphos in a new bubble magus and I’m . Is any body using the bubble magus reactor? I use my mini for rowaphos, I found them to leak bits of rowa when I first got it so I just put .

I put about 250ml in my bubble magus mini reactor.

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