Cap sprinkler head

May 30, 2016

Dave shows how to put a cap on a specific location of your sprinkler system when you want it to not water a. If you’ve made changes to your landscape and no longer need sprinkler spray heads in a particular area. Sealed cap; Cap off unused Rain Bird 18series sprinklers; Ideal for use.

I used these caps to temporarily shut-off a couple of sprinklers heads that are no . Aug 20- Can I somehow cap off that one rotor, or will I need to completely. If the sprinkler head that you are capping is not a dead end on the line, then . Used to retrofit a spray head system to a Xerigation system by capping off any unused spray heads.

Due to changes in our garden, I have a couple of sprinkler heads that are unneeded. Can I just take out the sprinker head and just cap it off? Visit the Home Depot to buy 18Series Xeri-Cap 1800CAPOFF.

Does this cap screw on top of the entire sprinkler body head or does it replace the nozzle?

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