Caravan shower tray repair kit

April 13, 2015

When the shower tray in our caravan developed a crack, we popped along to our local . This will assure our customers and potential purchasers of pre-owned caravans and motorhomes that the badge indicates a shower tray repair has been carried . Mar 20- A cracked shower tray needn’t mean a big bill – here’s how to mend it yourself.

Tubby kit, two tubes of filler and the postage. April 201 what does this mean for motorcaravanners? Sep 20- My question is, if i remove the shower tray, does anyone know any tips or ideas on how i can do a good repair with basic DIY skills from the . Authorised Speedcoat cracked shower tray repair service from Neil the Caravan Medic, call 077917721for a quote.

Feb 20- A cracked shower basin can cause trouble for a caravan owner. DIY guide on how to fix the shower tray yourself. This can be done with a plastic repair kit such as Plast-ai to fill in the gaps . Cracked and broken shower trays in a mobile caravan, motorhome or static caravan have always been. My friend has a cracked plastic shower tray in his van. We understand that there is a product called Plastic padding GRP shower tray repair kit,anyone.

We had a cracked shower tray on our last caravan unusual as I had . Cracked Shower Tray Successfully RepairedpostsJul 2014Speedcoat shower repairpostsJan 2014shower tray repairpostsOct 2013Hymer shower traypostsNov 2010More from forums. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix it?

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