Colon catheter

August 31, 2015

Non-toxic silicone colon tubes are available from our extensive colon cleanse product website. Lie down on your left side in a comfortable location and insert the colon tube. I recommend a Tapered Silicone Colon Tube – Closed End – 32Fr – 20-inch or 30-inch.

Tube, Rectal, Red Rubber, Non-Sterile 32fr. PurEnema Silicone Colon Tube is constructed of 1 pure silicone, a flexible, durable material that lasts up to two years with proper care. Colon Tubes, also called Tips or even Catheters are inserted from the anus, through the rectum to deliver your enema solution into the colon (large intestine).

The photo of the Blue tube shows our latest upgrade to the CT-colon tube with the enhanced 2. Lubricate a few inches of the colon tube. Remove air from hose and colon tube. Lie down on your left side in a comfortable spot then lubricate your anus and .

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