Cotherm tse t115 manual

July 24, 2014

What are the temperature setting on a Cotherm TSE 001Thermostat? Functional switching is achieved via single pole stem control and safety cut-off is via . Cotherm immersion elements, plug-in thermostats, TSDR, TSE and TSR for use in electric water heater and heat pump applications.

MFS technology in the stem or traditional bimetal insures double pole safety. The limiter is manually resettable. Direct plug-in rod combistat with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter.

The thermostats are COTHERM type: TSE T115.

There is a little red plastic switch labelled SAFETY which the electrician told her to pop out. Immersion Heater Wiring Instructions. Cotherm TSE rod type thermostat is used. Buy Cotherm Replacement Immersion Stat TSE001from Amazon’s DIY Tools store.

Cotherm – Manual Reset Thermostat GTLHR070. Suitable for use with upper or lower Immersion Heaters on Unvented Cylinders.

The Cotherm TSE001thermostat is CE marked and approved to EN 60730. Heatrae Sadia Megaflo manufactured by Cotherm. Manual Reset Security Cutout set at 85°c. Used in many Heatrae Sadia Megaflo (Megaflow) Water Heaters and Unvented Cylinders. Separate issue to the ongoing saga with the Baxi 100HE.

I have a Megaflow CL2HW cyl with one Cotherm type TSE immersion heater . Fitting Instructions and User Guide. An adjustable Cotherm TSD rod type thermostat is fitted. All stats come with overheat protection and Reset Button.

I’m looking at the thermostat now, it’s a Cotherm TSE and it has numbers. I’ved for the stat to maybe find some instructions to say what .

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