Cotherm tse thermostat

October 20, 2016

Cotherm immersion elements, plug-in thermostats, TSDR, TSE and TSR for use in electric water heater and heat pump applications. Can a Thermostat be changed without draining the complete Cylinder? What are the temperature setting on a Cotherm TSE 001Thermostat?

Functional switching is achieved via single pole stem control and safety cut-off is via . Preset Temp‎: ‎70°C Max Op Trip, 80°C SafetyLength Inches‎: ‎11Cotherm – Replacement TSE T116A 250V Immersion. In stockBuy Cotherm – Replacement TSE T116A 250V Immersion Thermostat TSE001Suitable for use with upper or lower Immersion Heaters on Unvented . Red Dial 52° – 60°C (75°C Safety Cut-Out).

What are the temperature setting on a Cotherm TSE. Buy Cotherm Replacement Immersion Stat TSE001from Amazon’s DIY Tools. Direct plug-in rod combistat with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter. In case of abnormal temperature rise, the patented MFS technology in the stem or traditional bimetal insures double pole safety.

The thermostats are COTHERM type: TSE T115. There is a little red plastic switch labelled SAFETY which the electrician told her to pop out.

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