Delex shower faucet

October 9, 2015

Can anyone identify the model number for this Delex shower valve? Since Delta owns the rights to the Delex name, they have all the parts necessary to fix or repair the faucet. Your decision not to call Delta is definitely your own. If you have a leak in your Delex faucet, a repair kit can help. Each kit includes the parts needed to stop a leak, like the faucet cartridge, which controls the water flow.

Most Delex faucets are built the same way all shower faucets are built as of 201 so the repair steps are. My shower stall (no tub, shower head only) has a Delex brand single. I have a Delex single handle faucet system on my 1970’s era bathtub. How to repair a single lever bathtub and shower fixture. Repairing a leaky Delta bath or shower faucet.

Directly under the faucet handle is a chrome push-buttonĀ . There are an unfortunate number of things that could cause your shower faucet to begin to leak. The Delta Faucet brand delivers exceptionally well-made, stylish faucets, shower heads and other related kitchen and bathroom faucet accessories.

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