Drench gun

October 25, 2016

Henke, Philips and other leading makes of drench guns, ideal for all uses including applying pour on. Philips auto drench gun complete with backpack and straps. Wessex Animal Health Cattle Supplies Drench Guns and Injectors.

Disposable Luer syringes, drenching guns vaccinators. This cattle gun is for the use with the Molecare Animal Health range. The Te Pari automatic drench gun is a digital drenching device that eliminates under-drenching and costly over-drenching.

Henke Sass Wolf HSW Drench Matic Auto Drenching Gun – 20ml £52. Phillips Non Automatic Cattle Dosing Gun – 150ml £95. Buy sheep dosing guns and injection guns for use with worm drenches and injections.

I was using one of the yellow brand in most farm stores, only a couple of months old. N J Phillips has developed an impressive and comprehensive range of Drenchers, in both quality metal and robust plastic construction.

Drug slang noun A regional term for term for a syringe. Forensics noun A weapon that fires projectiles . Register demonstrates how to use his drench gun to apply his products. Check out our low prices and buy Drench Pumps online with fast delivery nationwide! When worming sheep, make sure you use a suitable drenching gun. Most wormers are given depending on the weight so it is important to have a worming gun . Easy to use, convenient drenching tool for oral medications in horses.

Ranvet’s Drench Gun is available in 70mL capacity, short nozzle diameter 10mm. Cylinder is more durable and ergonomic than other guns. ISL drench guns can be customised with a range of colour options or volume graduations.

You can even add your company logo for unique branding. The Valbazen Drench Gun is for deworming with 1L or larger Valbazen Broad Spectrum Dewormer. The plastic gun is available in mL for Sheep and Goats or .

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