Electric panel heater with timer

August 4, 2016

Creda 757744TPRIII500MT Wall Mounted Electric Panel Convector . Dimplex is the market leader in electric heating. Saletto range; More about Saletto; Stylish panel heater.

Optional plug-in electronic timer modules and central control. We are proud to offer the best selling range of electric panel heaters all fitted with hour timers and thermostat control, all at the best price. Products reviewed by the trade and home improvers. MFP electric panel heater replacement has traditional radiator styling but with a modern twist that includes electronic thermostat and a range of electronic timers .

Fast, productive electric panel heaters with timer presenting programmable hours and variable heat configurations. They are wall mounted and should be connected to the electrical supply. Futura 1500W FUTE1500B Electric Radiator, Convector Heater, Electric Heater Slimline Panel Heater with Timer Automatic Thermostat.

Levante 1kW Slimline Panel Heater with Hour Timer.

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