Ferroli boiler fault codes f 37

June 30, 2014

How to repressurise your Ferroli boiler with the black wheel head type valves. After boiler installation, inform the user regarding its operation and give him this manual, which is an integral and essential. I think error F is something to do with the system pressure, check the.

Ferroli Boiler, Ffault flashing intermittently, pressure – Answered by a verified Plumber. Dec 20- Best Answer: With a Ferroli any fault code that starts with a is water. Hi my boiler is flashing FI understand I have to increase pressure . Error Codes and Fault Lights – Ferroli Boilers.

For a green light flashing on the right depending on boiler you have. This is just to say your pressure is low . May 20- Are you wondering if there’s a fix for your faulty Ferroli boiler? It’s common for homeowners to experience a wealth of fault codes flashing up . Cause and solution of error code Ffor boiler DOMIcompact F24D (brand Ferroli). Is your boiler DOMIcompact F24D by Ferroli malfunctioning? At the top of the boiler there should be a flexible hose with two valve taps that you can open by hand.

Dec 20- Discuss Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Error 37f HELP in the Plumbing Forum. I have the same boiler ferroli optimax he plus c and the same .

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