Ford transit idle problem

May 27, 2016

A common fault with the mk tdci 2. Your van will need a software update and a process called pcm recalibration , pump learn and fuel pressure relief valve counter reset. Anyway its now not juddering when on idle.

I dont quite understand why the problem had now gone away simply by taking the prv out andĀ . Idling problem from starting from coldpostsOct 2012Hunting at idle and cut-out. PLEASE HELPpostsJan 2011rough idle (hunting i think)postsDec 2010More from fordtransit. Mr plate Transit turbo-diesel van keeps stalling at junctions.

If you have your van at idle not moving does it hunt? Fuel system issues that aren’t dealt with can lead to injector failure that is suspected in the. EGR Valve blanking plate FORD MKTRANSIT 2. Never had any problems before the injectors decided to remove themselves!

Jan 20- transit hunting on idle. I’m in the middle of one of these myself – a known issue on theseĀ . If you need a used van then a Ford Transit will make a lot of sense, because it’s. Transit models can be problematic, though most of the problems are due to fuel.

You’ll know if it needs doing if the van cuts out at idle or hunts around for revs.

Hi all new to sight so just going to put my problem out there and hope for.

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