Franke kitchen sink plug

August 31, 2016

Imagine your kitchen had a sink that could clean up after itself, or an oven that could offer you cooking tips. To us, these products aren’t fantasies; they’re part of . Franke Sink PLUG for Basket Strainer Waste (New Style, 20- onwards).

Xumarket(TM) 1Pc Replacement Strainer Waste Kitchen Sink Plugs Fits Most . Replacement kitchen sink strainer waste plug chrome on stainless steel Stemball model with finger rubber seal fitted large holes for easy smooth drainage . Franke kitchen sinks, taps and accessories delivered direct by Taps UK.

Franke 85mm Polished Stainless Steel Black Plug Waste Kit 112. Replacement plug For sinks manufactured BEFORE September 2008. Plug underside stamped with ‘LIRA ITALY No. Here you can find all the Franke Taps Spare Parts that we have in stock.

Semi Intergrated Basket Strainer Plug.

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