Franke sink plug washer

February 27, 2015

See more Franke LIRA Basket Strainer Sink Plug Washer R. Here you’ll find a selection of various rubber O rings and flanged washers to fit basin, bath and sink plugs as well as pop up plugs. Basin Clicker Waste Plug Rubber Washer Seal Centre Fin – 74000550.

Bath and Sink Click Clack Plug Rubber Washer Centre Fin – 74000460. Replacement plug For sinks manufactured BEFORE September 2008. Even if your plug looks the same, this plug may not make a perfect seal to hold water.

Our previous Franke basket strainer was perfect but finally died of old age.

This was a perfect replacement for our very old strainer waste plug (and sink unit) that. I needed was just a new rubber seal. Franke Sink PLUG for Basket Strainer Waste (New Style, 20- onwards). Made of stainless steel, these fully adjustable, leak-resistant baskets prevent sink blockages by collecting waste.

And if you ever need to replace the seal ring, . Imagine your kitchen had a sink that could clean up after itself, or an oven that could offer you cooking tips. To us, these products aren’t fantasies; they’re part of .

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