Home depot hot water heaters

October 30, 2015

Find the gas or electric hot water heater for your home and lifestyle. Shop from instant-on, energy efficient, tankless water heaters to traditional tanks. Know your household hot water needs and measure the space available for your new water.

Tall Year 40BTU High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater. May 20- I just had Home Depot put in a gas hot water heater. The cost of the water heater plus tax came to $5(year GE) but the installer charged an . Apr 20- The most expensive Rheem on the Home Depot website is $1. Is Home Depot a good place to buy the water heater and do their. It’s why you don’t drink hot water and you run the cold water a little in case . Sep 20- I have just bought the rheem water heater model XE50M12EC55U0.

Rheem-Performance-Platinum-50-gal-Medium-12-Year-. I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new hot water heater and am . May 20- Home Depot: Water heater unit and installation: $6total.

Forum discussion: On Jan 22nd of 20I purchased a Rheem (GE) gallon electric hot water heater with a year warranty.

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