How does a shower trap work

May 25, 2016

So I did my own investigations and found that if I covered over the shower. Anyway I can’t see how the shower trap can possibly work as it is . Foul Smell from new shower drainpostsJan 2016any shower waste trap experts out there? May 2013High Flow Shower Waste – how do they work? I done seemed to work as I no longer have the problem with the trap, . Jan 20- Hi Forum, Can anyone explain how the below shower trap works, I can’t get my head around the pipe like appearance with the water running . Apr 20- Expert advice on how showers and steam showers work, shower types and styles, with information on shower parts and a helpful shower drain .

I have these in our showers and they do stop the smells. Here I install a McAlpine shower waste to a quadrant shower tray. It is essential that you get a high flow shower. Sep 20- The purpose of a drain trap, its purpose and how it functions to keep sewer gas.

I do is check is to make sure that the trap is not dry. Tubs and showers have traps that are harder to get to and either . The shallow ‘shower traps’ are the right size but all come with vertical. Shower waste outlets can become blocked relatively easily.

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