How to measure neo angle shower

December 3, 2015

How to measure neo angle shower bases. Custom SSP Neo Angle Base measurements. Step-by-step instructions for measuring to determine corner shower door dimensions.

Learn how to measure your shower doors for your new Frameless Glass Shower Doors. The aim of this guide is to make obtaining accurate dimensions for the manufacture of. This shower base complies with CSA Standards. Measuring must be done after finished wall material is in place.

Degree of angle(s) on any return panel(s):. Neo-Angle or 90º Corner Shower Door. Jan 20- I have a neo-angle shower and the base is in perfectly good condition and does not need.

If Yes to # how do I measure just for the doors? Sep 20- Traditionally there are three different types of shower enclosures which is all based upon the shape of the shower base – Neo Angle, Quarter . The standard measurement used in the shower door industry is center-line. When measuring a neo angle shower with a buttress, it is imperative to provide a .

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