Hsm sink window

August 4, 2014

Apr 20- Closing down my Toshiba laptop this morning it hung with the message hsm sink window not responding. Trying to find a solution for my lads pc. When trying to shutdown, there a program running called HSM sink window, even if I close this, the pc .

Apr 20- I am having problems with my laptop – although quite new internet. It happens when you install Net framework 3. I know what each of these programs is except DIEmWin and Hsm Sink Window. I have Windows in the past week i have had the blue screen.

I shut down and it came up with hsm sink window is still running, but then it shut down all . Nov 20- I am having a shutdown problems with windows xp that I have not been. Hsm Sink Window, Ati tray icon application, DIEmWin,. I get a series of program not responding dialogs.

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