Hunter pop up sprinkler

May 16, 2014

Pro-Spray Spray Pop-up body residential or commercial, this versatile sprinkler is the contractor’s choice. Hunter Rotors: The Most Efficient Way to Water Large Turf Areas 1:42 . Access Irrigation’s Mike Briley talks through the range of Hunter Industries popup irrigation sprinklers.

Hunter Irrigation equipment has consistently been one of the top brands in the world of irrigation, supplying pop-up sprinkler to the landscape irrigation and . Pop-up lawn sprinklers provide essential irrigation for large areas of grass, saving you the considerable effort of taking to your lawns with a hose during periods . This Hunter pop-up sprinkler is the latest version of the Hunter PGP – the world’s best selling rotor popup sprinkler. This sprinkler PGP Ultra sprinkler has a .

We have a good range of Hunter products including pop-up lawn sprinklers and controllers plus many more. Hunter operates mainly in very warm climates such . Hunter Pro Spray Pop Up Sprinkler. The Pro Spray Body is leakproof and easy to install and adjust.

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