Ibc buttress fittings

July 30, 2018

PAR Group supply IBC buttress threaded camlocks manufactured from polypropylene and in various types to enable you to connect to your IBC. SFemale Buttress Thread x BSP Male Thread. Polypropylene SIBC female buttress to BSP male.

Product Code, Male BSP Threa SFemale Thread . Intrico supply couplings and adaptors specifically for IBC’s intermediate bulk. IBC buttress thread system for connection to the IBC valve. IBC tanks usually feature valves with buttress type threads.

The standard buttress thread output on the bottle or the valve is based on the German DIN standard . Here are a range of fitting suitable for IBC storage containers We sell fittings for two IBC outlet sizes inch 60mm and inch 100mm IBC Buttress. IBC ADAPTER Converts S75XCoarse Male Buttress to BSP Male Fine Thread Most IBC Tanks have an S60XCoarse Thread Butress and the majority of. Enable connection from BSP pipe work or US style BSP threaded IBC valve with male fitting to connect with buttress threaded female pipe. IBC adapters, IBC adaptor, IBC adapter, IBC container, IBC fittings, IBC couplings for 10liter IBC containers, Tote tanks, BSP, NPT, Buttress, IBC accessories, .

CPP – CPP-LM Lt IBC adapters, valve and fittings. Dry-Shut male adapter X 1” BSP female £16. Part ‘A’, 3” Camlock adapter x S100Xfemale . By using these adaptors you can convert the IBC outlet valve quickly.

F BSPP part A camlock to S60xfemale buttress. IBC ADAPTER Fitting to BSP MALE THREAD Reducer Outlet Valve Buttress Tote Tap in Business, Office Industrial, Manufacturing Woodworking, Process . IBC Adapters Are Designed To Accommodate A Variety Of Dimensions And. Types are Buttress Thread Adapter, Dust Cap, Hose Barb Adapters, NPT Pipe . Converts inch BSP Male Buttress Thread to inch S60XCoarse Male Butress Thread. Most IBC Tanks have an S60X2inch Coarse Thread . Converts S100XCoarse Male Buttress Thread to 2. Converts mm S75XCoarse Male Buttress Thread. Banjo TA2Polypropylene Tank Fitting, Buttress x Male NPT.

Banjo TA2Polypropylene Tank Fitting, Buttress x Male NPT Threads with. This IBC fitting fits to the bottom of an IBC tank in order to convert a buttress thread to a CAM fitting, enabling the easy connection of dispensing equipment. Buy IBC Fittings online at Kingfisher Direct. IBC S60x(inch) Female to inch BSP Female Swivel Buttress.

BASCO is the leader in industrial packaging and container components and parts. Butress adapter for plastic drums use standard threaded pumps, faucets and .

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