Indexing valve

December 2, 2016

Wherein I explain a mistake that I made selecting and installing a Fimco zone indexing valve, what the. Installed downstream of diversion or treatment process to create multi-zones. Reuse for sub-surface or on-surface irrigation .

PVC body with Fiberfill bonnet (reclaimed water indentification); Pre-assembled with sequencing cam depending on zone requirement; Easily replaced cam . The Hydro-Indexing Valve is activated by sufficient water supply being turned on and off therefore no electrical wiring is required to the valve. The button on top of the Zone Indicator has an arrow which points to the active zone. When the pump is turned off you can simply index the cam to the desired .

The 60valve is available in or outlet models that are cammed for to zone operation. With only one moving part (the stem and disk assembly), the valve . This Hydro Indexing Valve has inlet and 8 .

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