Intergas boiler fault codes

November 14, 2017

The Intergas Combi Compact HRE range of central heating boilers are manufactured from high quality materials . When troubleshooting your Intergas Combi boiler please follow the following. Check the nature of the fault on the basis of the fault codes in from the table 1 .

Fault Codes If The Fault LED Is Flashing, The Boiler Controller Has Detected . When the boiler fails to detect a flame while in the ignition phase (4) it will return to. Fault code occurs when there have been a total of unsuccessful ignition . When the boiler fails to detect a flame while the boiler is burning or supposedly burning, it will shut down and try to restart.

Hi, Sods law it gets a bit cold and my boiler packs up! It is showing a fault code of which is apparently Poor. Intergas HR 2postsJan 2015Problem with new. This has been happening for a week now the guy that installed it has came and checked everything he says the gas is there and it firing and . Intergas Error Code 8postsDec 2016Intergas HRE OV – Fault Code Error – Poor flame.

Oct 2016Problem with new Intergas boiler install. Drained down boiler and cleaned faulty pressure switch. Does anyone know what will solve the problem of repeatedly getting an ffault code?

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