Irritrol solenoid valves

November 30, 2015

Water leaks from lowest sprinkler in zone . The Irritrol 2Series 1-inch plastic valve is the irrigation industry’s time-tested leader for dependable operation in potable and dirty water applications. Irritrol’s team of skilled technicians can resolve your controller problem before your site suffers any damage.

Featuring a straight-through flow path that dramatically reduces pressure loss, the Irritrol UltraFlow Series of plastic valves leads the industry in long-term . The Irritrol 25Series is a classic example of making a great valve even better. Irritrol has taken its proven 2Series of valves to the next level by adding a . Irritrol Irrigation solenoid valves at discounted prices, including , Large Stocks of MDPE Water Pipe, PVC fittings, Wolf Garden Tools and Irrigation Equipment.

Irritrol Valve Replacement Parts for sprinkler and irrigation systems. Sprinkler Warehouse right parts right price.

Find the Lawn Genie Solenoids (10-Pack) L10000B, captive solenoid plunger. Will this Orbit solenoid work as a replacement for a Irritrol valve solenoid ? Irritrol Jar Top 24Richdel 25mm Solenoid Valve. As easy to install and service as they are dependable, these . Home Sprinkler Valve Repair Parts Richdel Hardie Irritrol Irritrol Solenoid For Irritrol, Hardie, Richdel, Lawn Genie, Safe T Lawn Rain Jet. This is The Standard Solenoid Used On All Irritrol, Richdel, Hardie, Lawn Genie, Safe T Lawn, RainJet and Several Other Brands Of.

Catalogue VALVES, BOXES RICHDEL- IRRITROL SERIES. For solenoid valve coils click here. Some new valves like Richdel, Hardie or Irritrol, and replacement solenoids for these valves, come with a white plastic ring around the plunger.

RICHDEL 25MM 2400MT SCREW TOP SOLENOID VALVE. The Irritrol (Richdel) 24Series solenoid valve has been around since the early 1980’s. Sep 20- Disconnect the wires from the valve solenoid. Touch the valve solenoid wires to the terminals on your activator. Irritrol Richdel 2500MTF Solenoid Valve Irritrol Richdel 25mm solenoid with flow control.

Toro EZ-Flo Plus 25mm Solenoid Valve (with Flow Control). Solenoid Valves , Irritrol Solenoid Valve 25mm 24V AC 2400MT , Solenoid Valves , order online, discount prices.

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