Jet wash hose repair

June 23, 2014

Subscribe to Jim Faulhaber from South Florida power wash Inc. Pressuring washing the suburban to get ready to sand and paint it and the hose on the pressure washer. Mine has a tiny pin hole cut about 3′ from one end. While the advice to buy a new pressure hose is generally correct, what if there is no replacement because the hose coupling was changed and . Products include compressor hoses, pressure washer hose assemblies, and . From standard supply hose to non-marking pressure washer hose and everything in.

Repair Kits are only one of many accessories found on Powerwash.

Tony, I wouldn’t mess with a high pressure hose repair, replace it. Northern Tool has a good selection of hoses including brand names like .

How to Repair a Pressure Washer Hose. Pressure washers use electricity or gas engines to compress the water going through the hose. Clean Break is able to offer a comprehensive range of parts, components and accessories.

Pressure Washer Spares and Repairs. We are also happy to offer a repair service on your damaged jetwash assembles and can upgrade the hoses supplied with domestic pressure wash machines. From fixing a leaking hose to a complete refurbishment, we offer a comprehensive jet washer repair service at a highly competitive price. Jul 20- I was using my pressure washer and managed to get the hose against.

TOP QUALITY REPLACEMENT HEAVY DUTY JET WASH KIT FOR PRESSURE WASHERS KARCHER WASHERS METRES HIGH PRESSURE HOSE . Suppling a whole range of Hydraulic ,Drain Jetting and Pressure Washer Products. We offer on site mobile repair of jet wash hoses. This replacement 6m hose and gun is suitable for the C10 C1and C1Nilfisk, .

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