K2 sprinkler head

April 10, 2014

The KSmartset Sprinkler is the world’s EASIEST SPRINKLER TO SET! REMOVING THE NOZZLE RETENTION SCREW. Shut off water at the head for quick adjustments and nozzle changes.

Patented Easy Top Arc Indication– Takes the guesswork out of setting watering pattern – 5” Pop-Up Height – Provides higher clearance for tall grass – Patented. K-Rain’s KSmartset Rotor, with its patented top arc set indicator, is the world’s easiest. How to install a Ksprinkler I just read the directions but itwas harder than they say on the box.

Find the K-Rain KSmart Set Professional Pop-Up Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler Head 9103 in.

Pop-Up Pro Gear Drive with patented easy arc setting. Adjust distance and flow control at the same time. Allows individual heads to be turned off during . K Rain KSmart Set 5-Inch Pop-Up Gear Drive 91031. The Ksprinkler head is very easy to use as a replacement head for most major lawn . Find K-Rain KGear Drive Sprinkler at Bunnings Warehouse.

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