Kew pressure washer problems

August 1, 2018

Nov 20- The most common pressure washer fault is water leaking from the body. Catching these pressure washer problems early and knowing what causes them will save you a trip to the repair shop, especially when it comes to the low-water . I previously posted that I have a KEW Hobby pressure washer.

How to open the case, remove the pressure switch and fit a new pressure switch. KEW COLD WATER POWER PRESSURE MACHINE STOPPED THE MACHINE STOPPED CHECKED THE CIRCUIT BREAKER AND THE RESTART AND ALL . Its a shame as it was a good pressure washer if anyone else has dealt. I had the same problem with my Alto washer , which are now Nilfisk, .

I have a KEW Hobby pressure washer that has served me well for a number of years. The pressure hose has started to leak right at the outlet . Are you looking for pressure washer hunting? Karcher, Nilfisk, Alto or Kew machines etc.

We have listed here some troubleshooting steps to help you with your pressure washer on the rare occasion that you may experience a probleAs a first step, . Jul 20- This video will help identify the cause of your electrical problems and. If your pressure washer is dea trips the fuse board or electrics in your . Mar 20- Inlet filter blocked – check and clean the pressure washer’s inlet filter. If this does not fix the problem, continue to steps two and three.

We had a Nixon washer for a year and was nothing but bother! No problem with them at all and had them year. I have recently been given a kew 1502v steam cleaner jet wash. The only time I have no or low pressure is when the water filter blocks.

I have a small Karcher pressure washer that I use to clean the car. There is no water leaking from the jet wash or air leaking into the water supply. As soon as you let it idle, the problems start. Ie running the water through the pressure washer while its off but with the lance on the end till . KEWparts is an authorized dealer of Nilfisk-ALTO KEW pressure washers, pressure washer parts, and vacuums. List of breakdowns for your KEW pressure washer available for download.

Jul 20- I previously posted that I have a KEW Hobby pressure washer. Kew Alto Force 51X-Tra pressure washer, anyone any ideas where i can get a manual for it or what the problem might be? Find great deals on eBay for Kew Pressure Washer in Industrial Power Washers.

KEW pressure washer spare parts from Spares Giant. We stock parts for your hot and cold water Kew pressure washers.

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