Kohler 81100 pressure clean flushometer

March 24, 2014

Regarding the Kohler Pressure Rialto system 811K3404. The 811Pressure-Clean systems were discontinued for reliability and safety. Or I would take the complete flushometer tank system(81100) if that was easier.

I have a kohler 811pressure-clean flushometer tank system. When I flush the white valve comes up but will not pop back down to seal the system so it will fill . Kohler 811pressure clean flushometer tank system toilet and it won’t flush, it just gurgles a little and letes the water out of the tank, then fills back . I have a Kohler 811Pressure clean flushOmeter tank system.

When flushe toilet does not stop running because the stem (don’t know proper name) does . My Kohler toilet with model #811Pressure Clean Flushometer stopped working yesterday – I get very little pressure out of a flush. After market parts for Kohler 811pressure-clean flushometer. Kohler says that no parts are available. Feb 20- Our Kohler 811Pressure Clean Flushometer Tank System Toilet exloded during the night flooding our house. Dec 20- You solved the problem yourself!

I suggest replacing with something that works such as the Toto Drake . Mar 20- SOURCE: Kohler 811Pressure-Clean Flushometer Toilet. This type of flush system can be re presurised quickly by holding down the flush . Question – kohler 811pressure clean flushometer tank system leak from – PX. Find the answer to this and other Plumbing questions on Nolosenow.

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