Kohler tub drain stuck closed

January 29, 2016

Pop up drain Kohler K-71drain is stuck closed. Before I pull it apart are their any common problems and fixes? How do I unstuck my 20yr old Kohler tub drain valve It worked – Answered by a.

It worked fine a month ago but when I returned from a week trip its stuck. Over time the main bath tub stopper (a trip lever type, I believe it is a Swiftflo?) has frozen in the down (draining) position. Tub lever ( waste and over flow) is stuck and tub will not drain or hold water.

How To Replace A Bathtub Drain Stopper (Toe Touch) – Duration: 2:08.

When gunk builds up inside the drain, it could cause the bathtub drain stopper to become stuck in the open or closed position. I’m having trouble removing a Kohler pop-up tub drain. May 20- When a pop-up drain stopper in a sink or bathtub stops working, how.

When the drain is close the pivot rod should slope slightly uphill fromĀ . Remove the two screws holding the trip lever plate to the tub wall.

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