Lagoon pump

August 25, 2016

The Lagoon Pump is designed to operate in very deep pits. With power requirements of 155hp + this pump is ideal for large farmer and contractors alike. Designed with the heavy demand of large farms and custom operators in min Jamesway lagoon pumps are built to increase your.

The Header Series Lagoon Pump loads and agitates faster than the competition. The patented header design means you can mix in half the time, finish. The new PUMPELLER Turbine revolutionizes manure pump performance: Much faster mixing that saves fuel and lets you start spreading quicker.

Our lagoon pumps are specially designed to facilitate the approach, agitation and transfer from lagoons.

Experience the high level of performance developed by . The Lagoon Super Pump is offered with (1mm) or (2mm) discharge and a wide range of well-built and robust trailers. Here is the new DM manure pump, the most efficient on the market. Reduce your mixing time with less horsepower with the new mixing . You are here: HomeGalleryMega Mix Lagoon Pump.

Standard Features: Magnum- Express models with V-and Veneroni Lower Housing available in single wheel sizes . Available in 31′, 41′, 51′, and 64′ Configurations. Operates at 60GPM in Dairy Manure. This is one of the best solution to mix lagoon and pump manure to manure spreaders.

DeLaval lagoon pump TPis trailer mounte providing good stability for working in sloped wall storage pits. Adjustable twin stabilizer legs and wide stance . Click on picture below to view it full size. MODEL(S): 1 2 2 3 4 5 62. DRYHILL LAGOON PUMPS AVAILABLE IN 32′, 42′, 52′ AND 62′.

Standard Features: Hydraulic Controls, Flexible Discharge Joint, Pump Reinforcement Truss, . Replacing the TP65H, this new pump offers higher capacity: it takes just three minutes to load 0litres of manure into a tank. Although the equipment required for pumping and distributing lagoon effluent may be similar to conventional irrigation equipment, the smaller volume of water .

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