No burst hose fittings

November 10, 2016

Other hose fittings have ‘click-on’ parts that can leak and burst off and retention claws that bend inwards or break. The Hoselink system completely replaces the . Select a starter kit and convert one of your existing hoses over to Hoselink’s reliable no-burst system.

Connect your Hose to your Tap with a burst-free connection – Guaranteed! Purchase Hoselink Hose Fittings and join thousands of Australians enjoying a . Never get frustrated with leaking or bursting hose fittings again! Hoselink’s Hose End Connector is guaranteed to NEVER burst off your hose!

Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1998. Our No-Burst Hose Fittings Right Arrow . Our Hose Connector with Flow Control features a patented design to deliver a burst free connection with the benefit of water flow control at your fingertips. The Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit comes with a very useful swivel connector that keeps hoses from twisting!

Eventual and any kind of modifications can be carried out without any notice. If hose or fittings are burst or broken, and a fluid touch the skins, a serious injury .

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