Noisy boiler humming

December 6, 2016

It is a Munchkin boiler and we have baseboard heating, only one floor, with the boiler in . This boiler has been a problem for us and though the company know about the problems we. I have a Potterton Combi boiler (Puma 80e).

It was serviced a few weeks ago, and has been humming ever since! Combi boiler – whirring noise when hot water ranpostsJul 2010Loud vibrating noise from boilerpostsFeb 2010Annoying droning noise from new Worcester boiler. Jan 2008Ideal Classic Boiler – Just started to make a whirring noise.

First check that the thermostat is working correctly and if it is just reduce the speed at which the central heating pump heats the water.

I got a Baxi DuoTec Combi boiler. Recently it started to make some strange noise sounds like humming or vibrating, but quite loud. I’m hearing a contnuous low pusating humming noise from my boiler, even though the heating and hot water is off. Dec 2012Noisy boiler flue- please help my neighbours drivin me.

May 2009More from community. Heating Noise Diagnosis: How to Fin Diagnose, Stop Noise. Nov 20- A noisy boiler is often an indication of limescale. If you hear and annoying humming it’s very probable that your pump is the culprit.

Jul 20- The pump is another cause of a noisy boiler, usually a humming noise.

It will cause a loud vibration if set too fast, you may want to turn it to a .

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