Nordyne pressure switch

November 28, 2014

Buy Nordyne 6324Pressure Switch: Light Type – Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. I have a Nordyne updraft furnace with a Pressure Switch Open Fault, according to the troubleshooting chart.

Model# XXXXX 072D 24B Serial# XXXXX(NNN) . WC Close Pressure Switch Product Image. This one is about the diagnosis of pressure problems in the newer gas furnaces. I have an older Nordyne updraught gas furnace.

The pressure switch is just stuck open causing the unit not to fire up. Find the small inducer motor that should be running, if its not . Jan 20- A gas furnace pressure switch closes to allow current to pass through and start the ignition of the furnace. If the pressure switch is stuck, it does . Hello: – Draft motor turns on, but furnace fails to start. Looking for NORDYNE Pressure Switch,-0.

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