Off peak and on peak boiler switches

December 10, 2014

Okay, so what’s the deal with these switches. Do I leave the off peak ones on all the time (these are my heaters)? Hi, Just looking at a new flat and it has Electric off peak heating, can anybody tell me what this is and is there a benefit to having it.

Issue with Megaflow DD1Electric boiler with 2. Jan 2017I left the boost on my boiler and now I owe npower £500. Jun 2012Extremely high electricity billpostsNov 2008Economy Hot waterpostsDec 2005More from forums. The storage heater and hot water boilers are on the ordinary circuit, but only switch on.

Normally peak and off peak supplies are provided to different . Off peak heating solution required. Oct 2015Immersion Heater – Constantly on and using electricity. These operate by storing heat during ‘off-peak’ periods when the electricity is. If using peak electricity only, switch the immersion on for the period required to heat . I’ve got two switches on the wall which is on and off peak heaters.

So it appears to be on one of these Economy systems so it should automatically heat the water during the night off peak, and the control panel . Jan 20- There are two unmarked switches on the wall in the boiler. Some properties may only have an on and off switch, but most will have a.

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