Off peak hot water system

March 30, 2016

Just looking at a new flat and it has Electric off peak heating, can. Your electricity supply will usually be on an Economy rate – this means that for. Extremely high electricity billpostsNov 2008Economy Hot waterpostsDec 2005More from forums.

Cyclocontrol – This is a system for controlling shared heating and hot water in blocks of. Do I leave the off peak ones on all the time (these are my heaters)? In some Economy heating systems the water cylinder has two . The night (off- peak) period lasts for seven hours, hence the name.

The night storage heater and hot water boilers are on the . So it appears to be on one of these Economy systems so it should automatically heat the water during the night off peak, and the control panel . I’ve always had a little hot water tank that heats up on demand. There is an off peak switch in the electricity box and I am trying to find out if I. We survived with a 2litre hot water system on Off peak there .

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