Paloma tankless water heater technical support

February 3, 2015

Our tankless experts are here to help. Low Energy Systems began selling the Paloma Tankless Water Heaters ‘Legacy Models’ (PH PH PH1 PH24), which quickly¬†. Jump to How can I contact Technical Support?

Check the incoming water filter to make certain there. Call 1-866-720-20(Rheem Technical Support). How to diagnose problems on Paloma tankless water heaters.

Paloma tankless water heater manual or call the tech support.

Paloma tankless water heater error codes. Paloma Electronic Series Error Codes. Close all hot water taps to reset unit. Turn off, or remove circulation pumps . Recall to Repair of Paloma, Rheem, Ruu Rheem-Ruu and Richmond indoor tankless water heaters manufactured from May 20through December 2006. Paloma Water Heaters Repair Parts Diagrams from Dultmeier Sales (PH2 PH2 PHAlso view our online catalog for all our Paloma Water Heater products!

Call for Live Order Assistance Technical Support (7:30am-5pm CST). Have questions, or need some help with a Rheem tankless product? If you have any questions regarding your tankless water heater’s Warranty, please contact customer service at 800-432-8373.

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