Pressure washer hose fittings

June 3, 2014

High Pressure Fittings for Pressure Washers. To find out more about Fitting Sizes and Pipe Sizes please – click here. Pressure Washer Midi Quick Release 14.

Malleable Iron Fittings Steel Tube, Washdown Fuelling, Hose. Pressure wash lances, water guns, trigger nozzles, for high and low . Allowing the pump to operate without the hose or nozzle attached is a common cause. If leaks occur, simply replace the O-ring seal.

Online Store For Pressure Washers, Cleaners, Hoses, Guns, Nozzles Filters РAll. How To Simply Measure The Size Of Your High Pressure Hose Fittings. Pressure washer couplings are ideal for high pressure water jetting and steam applications for example; machinery wash down hoses and pressure washer . M x 22M Male Connector for connecting pressure washer hoses.

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