Pvc pipe catalogue pdf

July 25, 2017

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fittings for use in pressurised Irrigation Systems,. Astore PVC fittings have been approved by IIP. To date this is the most comprehensive technical manual published in.

We manufacture PVC pressure pipework and valves, which are sold through a national network of . TP (formerly known as Tecno Plastic) is a dedicated brand of PVC fittings and valves for water piping systems. TP product is designed t o meet the . The physical properties of PVC allow designers a high degree of freedom while designing.

Superior finished pipes and fittings add . Building sewer pipe, Septic fields,. Perimeter drainage, Landscape drainage. Catalogue of Individual PVC Schedule Fittings. Socket type CPVC plastic pipe fittings schedule 80.

PVC-U shows very good characteristics in the temperature range from 0° to +60°C. Ensuring highest possible thermal stability and chemical resistance PVC-U .

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