Race car fire systems

December 8, 2017

Protect yourself and your investment with a fire suppression system. Even if your racing class does not require it, a fire system can be cheap insurance! Since 19FEV have been manufacturing and supplying the very highest quality car fire extinguisher systems for all levels of circuit racing.

The first generation of systems produced by Lifeline were manufactured using. Here you can find fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems, both for formula, rally and saloon car. All our extinguishers are FIA homologated. Looking at fire systems for my SC3race car and having an interesting time trying to decide between an AFFF-based system and an .

Ever wonder what happens when you activate a fire suppression system in a racecar? Novec, Auto, Dirt Model Two Zone Automatic Thermal . Most forms of motorsport will not let you compete unless you have at least the minimum safety requirement of a fire extinguisher on board.

We offer systems for Circuit use, Saloon and sports cars, single Seaters,. MANUAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER SYSTEM REMOVED FROM BMW ERACE CAR. THE PIPE WORK IS GOOD ORDER APART FROM ONE JOINT WHICH . In racing you always want to be ready for the extremes. Don’t get caught with a fire and have nothing to fight it with. MFE75-A-SL, Race Car Homologated Fire System (31), More Info.

MFE75-A, SPA FireSense Fire System, 3. Liter Electrical System (31), More Info. Best Chassis Shop for Safety Equipment. Jerry Bickel Race Cars gives Racers the technology to win! Perfect for racing or multipurpose use.

Comes complete with vehicle mounting bracket. We stock and sell SPA’s car fire extinguishers both mechanical and electrical. We carry stock of SPA Design race car fire extinguisher kits, hand held . We specialize in supplying state of the art fire suppression systems for race cars at unbeatable prices.

Mar 20- Modern fire systems for race cars have made many advances from the simple action bottle. Today’s bottles are actuated in three main ways. Racing Compliant Fire bottles, mounting kits, plumbing and more!

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