Rf parts 572b

July 15, 2015

B history, and status (PDF) By: Merit Arnold Uploaded 12-1-2014. EXISTING 572B CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET. High-mu power triode for use in Class AB Class B, Class C RF, and audio amplifiers.

B RF PARTS product reviews by real people like you. Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). OK, far be it from me but are the Taylor made 572b tubes offered by RF parts (or anyone for that matter) the same as the ones coming from . RF Parts 572B Tubes and DuplexerpostsJan 2016RF Parts Update on 572b tube availabilitypostsAug 2015RF Parts and their New 572B Tubes.

May 2015RF Parts 572BpostsJan 2015More from forums. Dec 20- One of the things that I wanted to make sure I ordered during my rebuild of the SB-2Project (Part II, Part III) was a set of new tubes for the . Well I received my two 572B’s from RF parts today. I tried both of them in my test jig. B Svetlana) High-mu power triode for use in Class AB Class B, Class C RF, and audio amplifiers.

The modern TAYLOR 572B is virtually an exact copy . Mar 20- So it is strongly suggested that you only buy them through RF Parts and Ameritron. Here is a history of the 572B from the RF Parts website:. I have installed these tubes in my Ameritron AL-572.

This RF Parts 572B tube has the best output from any previous tubes I have used in this . Terry, here at RF PARTS, gave me your email address. She says you had placed an inquiry . Oct 20- SB2The RF deck with 572B’s and RF choke removed. RF Parts bought the Taylor name and uses it on tubes they sell. RF Parts is a Major Stocking Distributor for Svetlana. Technical Topics (572B); modification of FL2100B FL2100F Linears to correct insufficient cut-off bias . RF Parts is showing another batch of 572B’s available at the time of this post.

Jul 20- Chinese 572B’s are in short supply as the factories make more money running audiophool tubes. There are only factories building them and if . She says you had placed an inquiry regarding our NEW RF PARTS .

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