Rod pump components

February 8, 2017

Rod Pump Applications and Designations. Bomba mecánica insertable – Sucker Rod Pump – Duration: 1:45. Introduction The individual components of a sucker-rod pumping system can be divided in two major groups: surface and downhole equipment.

The Five Basic Components of a Sucker Rod Pump: Barrel Tubes. NOV Mono Rod Pumping Systems are high performance production systems that . Automation Controllers and Monitoring. Figure A Components of Sucker Rod Pump. A motor and gearbox supply power to turn the power shaft. There is a counterweight at the end of the crank.

There are major components in a sucker rod pumping system,. I) Prime mover, the energy source of the system (motor or engine). A mathematical flow model was developed to predict pressures in any pump component. Oilfield Products, Carbon Steel Flanges.

Sucker Rod Pump for Deflecting Wells. Rod pumps are inserted inside the tubing and run as an assembled unit with the sucker rods. This type pump is anchored in a cup type or mechanical type . Located throughout the major basins of North America, the Schlumberger rod lift team offers specialized expertise and equipment, including pump jack units, . The American Petroleum Institute (API) has standardized most of the components and materials for rod pumps.

There are a few variations to rod pumps, but the . It covers detailed description and function of each component of SRP. Advantages and limitations of the Sucker Rod Pump method.

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