Shower fuse

March 2, 2018

Jan 20- As this is the first time I’ve had to buy a shower I have no idea what is or how to check a fuse rating. I do this and how do I know if the . Hi i\\\’m not sure but i beleive the fuse on the electric shower has blown, just switching it on one day, it just blew out.

I went to fit the fuse I purchased and found that the pins are . Nov 2016Bit of help needed with shower fusepostsJan 2015Electricians! Jan 2010I think the fuse in my electric shower has gone.

Modern shower in a smooth chrome finish – Contemporary Fuse Showers available from Bristan. It worked for two seconds and then all the electrics on the second part of the fuse box went off. Through isolation I worked out it . I have an electric shower which receives it’s power from a switch. It may well have its own fuse (all our’s have) have a look at that first, if you . The mcb size must be equal to or the nearest size above the kilowatt rating of the shower see table below.

Older type wire fuses are not recommended for . The shower is currently protected by a 32A mcb which is protected. W shower, 6mm cable, 32A mcbpostsAug 201410.

It works fine for approx mins and then blows the main fuse in the consumer unit.

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