Shurflo 2088 pressure switch adjustment

June 30, 2015

Simply adjusting the pressure switch on your water pump can make for a more pleasant showering experience. Bench Testing Shurflo 20- Adjusting Pressure Switch. SHURflo pump switches are factory set for optimum performance.

Adjustment procedures can result in high pressures and should be performed by qualified . SHURflo offers various pumps models for different applications. CAUTION: Improper adjustment of the pressure switch, may cause severe overload or . OFF when the water pump switch is on.

SHURflo 20Industrial Series Pumps. CAUTION: Improper adjustment of pressure switch may cause severe overload. A SHURflo pump in combination with a low back pressure water system can. Installation, Operation, Repair and Parts Manual.

These SHURflo 20Series diaphragm. Improper adjustment of the pressure switch may cause. Firstly, the delivery pressure is not adversely affected by small changes in the supply. On the Shurflo pump the pressure switch adjusted by rotating the centre .

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