Socket size for water heater element

July 31, 2015

Can someone tell me what size socket is needed to remove the hot water heating element? I did mine a year ago and I think it was a 1 . I don’t know the size but it is pretty large.

Heck, you can pick up a water heater element wrench for a few dollars when you buy the new element. Size Needed to Replace Heating Elements in Most Electric Water Heaters, Do-It-Yourself. I had the water heater element removed in less than seconds, not minutes . Socket 806work to remove an electric water heater element?

Mar 20- what size socket to remove element on electric water heater – American Standard Water Heaters question. Nov 20- Does anyone know what size socket I need. Sep 20- Improvised Water Heater Element Installation Wrench. As mentioned there, removing a water heater anode rod generally requires. I need to know what size socket that you need to remove the upper element from a Kenmore water heater model . Hot Water Tank Electric Element Socket.

Deep Impact Electric Element Socket. Created on April 2 20using FlipShare. For your 5500W Camco water heater element, instead of buying the.

Sep 20- While draining the water heater tank, I extracted the anode rod. John, just go buy another water heater. Aug 20- Do a image search for water heater element wrench to get an idea for what these look like.

Nov 20- We’ve used pliers, channel locks, and the element wrench – nothing has aided in loosening the. Help in Removing Screw-In Element for Electric Water Heater. What are the dimensions of the product?

Camco 098Residential Screw-In Water Heater Element Wrench.

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